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Need help with your Accounting Software? Would you like to get more from your current software?

Our Services

2Assist = Accounting, Software, Setup, Installation, Support, Training

Software - 2Assist will go through the needs of the business/business owners and discuss the best software to meet their needs or discuss the processes used in their current software to see if there are ways to improve and make the software work to meet their needs.

Setup - We will go through the setup of the software with as much or as little involvement as the client wishes.

Installation - We will install the software and liaise with the IT Support as to where and how the installation needs to be run.

Support- Something we pride ourselves on is our support. We offer support via Phone/Mobile/Email in which we also offer a local 24/7 phone support to all of our clients.

Training-This is given by an on-going basis as its needed and according to the progression of the users being trained. We will tailor the training to meet the individual needs of each person.