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Client Testimonials

Geo W Wilson & Sons Ltd

After using a DOS based computer system for our accounting procedures for 15 years and then being forced to update due to no longer being able to source paper supplies, I will admit I was very dubious. How could this new programme give us everything we need. I wasn't keen for change. Could they really "teach an old dog new tricks"?

Well believe me 2Assist did just that. We started our journey in October 2015 and by December/January, i was hooked.

2Assist's devotion to making the transition smooth for us was amazing. We had weekly training sessions, so we didn't get bogged down with too much information at once. If mistakes happened, as they do, nothing was a problem, both in sorting it for us and pointing out why it happened and how we could fix it.

Now six months on i wouldn't be without it, the reporting 2Assist has designed for us gives me confidence in ensuring everything is being accounted for.

2Assist has designed an accounting system through the Infusion package to be everything our business requires. They offer fast, efficient and professional support to our needs and have made the transition a smooth process, especially with their on-going support.

Well done 2Assist you did manage to "teach this old dog a complete new accounting system" that has made such a difference to the business and that i enjoy using.

Lyn Giles, Office Manager, Geo W Wilson & Sons Ltd, Invercargill

Beven West Sawmilling Ltd

I was so excited when we found 2Assist Ltd. These ladies are only a quick phone call away.

The services they provide you with are fantastic. I love that they can remote into our system and fix, give advice or training so that we get the best from our programme. I have also taken my computer to them for general programme tidy up and additional training.

"An excellent service making the process simple"

Kaye West, Owner, Beven West Sawmilling Ltd